Private Driving Instructor (Automatic)

Automatic driving lessons are typically easier to learn, especially when the car changes gears for you. This reduces arm and leg fatigue and allows you to focus more on the road. It takes less time and requires fewer sessions, making it less expensive overall because driving instructors charge by the session. An automatic driving lesson, on the other hand, starts at $45, which is typically more expensive than a manual driving lesson. The lessons only teach you to drive automatic vehicles, which limits the types of vehicles you can operate. You can't legally drive a manual car if you have a class 3a or automatic driver's licence, and you can't even get a class 4 or 4a licence.


Private Auto Driving Instructors in Singapore

All Class 3 automatic transmission private driving instructors in Singapore are affiliated with one of three driving centres. They are not permitted to station in more than one driving centre. All lessons can only be completed at the designated driving centre.


The Comfortdelgro Driving Centre (CDC) has the most private auto instructors in all of Singapore. They also have the highest number of instructors in Singapore with more than 40% passing rates. If you choose CDC as your driving test location, you will probably have a higher chance of being paired with a good and efficient instructor which have an open schedule.

Due to the limited number of private instructors available at BBDC and SSDC. If you are keen to find an instructor with a high pass rate, you should try to book them in advance or work around their schedule.



Private instructor with highest passing rates

PDI wdt_ID Centre Pass Rate % M.B. Index*
Abd Wahab Bin Maidin 1 CDC 50% 8.4
Ang Lian Seng 4 SSDC 41% 4.5
Ang Soh Ching 5 CDC 58% 8.1
Ang Thiong Hing 6 SSDC 40% 8.2
Ang Yim Ching 7 CDC 57% 2.9
Chan Kok Ann 8 CDC 44% 1.3
Chow Jie Seng 11 CDC 51% 6.2
Foo Moo Lee 12 CDC 44% 5.7
Goh Ah Kwang 13 CDC 44% 4.5
Goh Ah Tong 14 CDC 52% 6.8

* Higher M.B. Index = Higher chance of booking the instructor.

The pass rates of the listed instructors range from 40% and above. All figures are generated based on a three-month average.




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