Car driving Asian woman wearing face mask inside during coronavirus pandemic. Driver with passenger on road trip drive.

Some ladies learners prefer to take driving lessons from a female instructor because they feel more at ease in the company of another woman rather than a man. Some male students may prefer a female driving instructor to a male instructor because they believe a lady instructor is more patient.

Even though men make up a much larger proportion of driving instructors in Singapore, that doesn’t mean you can’t hire a lady instructor. There are a limited number of female private instructors in Singapore. They are, in fact, extremely rare. There are currently only two active female private instructors at Comfortdelgro Driving Centre (CDC). If you are interested in engaging them as your private instructor, make sure to book them ahead of time and work around their schedule. Be prepared to find alternatives if their schedule is already full and unavailable for the following month. If you are interested in taking driving lessons from a woman driving instructor, please go to Get an Instructor and indicate your preference on the contact form.

Centre wdt_ID PDI Pass Rate % M.B. Index*
CDC Manual 1 Florence Tan 70% 1.9
CDC Manual 2 Juliet Lim 62% 5

* Higher M.B. Index = Higher chance of booking the instructor.
All figures are generated based on a three-month average.

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