Fast Track your driving licence


You can speed up the process by choosing a Private Driving Instructor (PDI) who can begin and schedule your first five practical lessons within a week or two. All learner are required to complete 5 practical lessons before you are allow to book for your simulator classes. Once you're done with your simulator training, you will be one step closer to driving for real. You can begin scheduling your practical driving test.

Getting Earlier Time for Lessons

To get earlier time slot for CDC Car simulator lessons, you can keep checking for the slot frequently. For school car learner, this method is likely to yield success for getting earlier time slot. However, private car learner might not have the similar success rate due to lesser cancellation of Car simulator lessons. Please also note that school car learner Car simulator lesson cannot be swapped with Private car simulator lessons as both are on different platform.

Furthermore, if you have booked 3 simulator lessons, you have to cancel 1 lesson before you can book the earlier. Thus, the worst case scenario is that someone took the earlier slot while you are cancelling and the slot you cancelled got taken also. Please do take note of this.

Getting Waiver for Simulator Lessons

If you are experience great discomfort during your first CDC Car simulator Lesson, you can get a doctor to certify that you are not suitable and you will not need to attend the next 2 simulator lessons. This might be a good thing as you can book tp without waiting for the completion of remaining 2 simulator lessons.


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